Consumer FAQs

How do I get a Migo Loan?
How do I qualify for a Migo Loan?
How long does it take to get a Migo Loan?
Do I need to provide collateral or documentation to request a Migo loan?
Do I need to visit a bank to request a Migo loan?
Where else can I get a Migo loan?
Do you have a mobile app?
Can I access Migo if I port my number to another network?
Can I access Migo with another person’s phone number?
How much money can I borrow with Migo?
How do you determine my loan offers?
How do I increase my loan offers?
Why don’t I have any loan offers?
How do I pay back my Migo loan?
Can I pay my Migo loan with a transfer?
Does Migo have any other account number for repayments via bank transfers?
How do I make a partial repayment?
How do I extend my loan?
What happens if I do not pay back my Migo loan on time?
Can Migo debit my account directly?
Can I repay my Migo loan on another platform?
Do I have to pay my Migo loan with the same card I registered when I applied for the loan?
I lost the mobile line I used to get a loan. How can I make a repayment?
Why are there different interest rates?
What should I do if I don’t understand the Terms and Conditions?
Bank account and SIM registration details do not match. What should I do?
Loan is delayed because you couldn’t reach my bank. What do I do?
I repaid my Migo loan, but I did not receive a payment confirmation. What do I do?
Migo is messaging me about a loan I know nothing about, how do I resolve this?
I repaid my Migo loan, why do my contacts still get notified?
Are my personal information and bank card details secure with Migo?
How do I partner with Migo?
I am interested in employment with Migo. How do I reach you?